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АБХМ на горячей воде

Hot water absorption chillers

hot water as an energy source

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АБХМ на топливе

Direct fired absorption chillers

natural gas or diesel fuel as an energy source

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АБХМ на паре

Steam driven absorption chillers

steam as an energy source/h3>
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АБХМ на выхлопных газах

Exhaust fired absorption chillers

exhaust gas as an energy source

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Тепловые насосы

Absorption heat pumps


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Тепловые насосы

Triple effect VAM

The only triple effect VAM in the world in commercial operation

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montazh-06Cold Energy LLC is an exclusive distributor of Thermax vapor absorption machines in Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Union. During our work we have proved to be a reliable partner and leading expert in up-to-date energy efficient technologies. Our company is a Russian absorption cooling systems industry leader. We design, supply and provide service for absorption chillers.

Having gained vast experience in cooling systems design and deep knowledge of technical specifics for vapor absorption machines, our design department specialists will help you integrate cooling system with maximum energy efficiency and performance. All of our engineers have received professional education. We are proud to have in our team: two Doctors of Science and a patent owner – one of the leading Russian designers for cooling equipment.

gpu-3Deep and consistent knowledge of technology and equipment specifics leads to our supreme competency and ability to meet all of our customers’ goals. We provide our customers not only with the equipment that meets their specific technical requirements but lets them achieve maximum productivity and energy efficiency. Our specialists have vast experience and deep knowledge of equipment that we use. That helps us find solutions with maximum energy efficiency and performance.

We have long-standing productive relationship with our reliable manufacturers that lets us learn first hand about all significant technical novelties and get prompt professional consultations.

obj-optovolokno-new-002Cold Energy provides its customers full technical support from consulting to large-scale energy consumption audits. We are always available to answer any of your questions concerning cooling systems.

We provide the best technical support services for absorption cooling equipment in Russia. Our hot line works 24/7 receiving calls from all of the Russian Federation regions. Our customers can rely on our 24/7 hot line, remote equipment monitoring (Cold Energy LLC also renders remote monitoring of installed vapor absorption machines) as well as ability of our engineers to come and remove any problems on site at any time.

Absorption chillers in Russia

Thermax ТермаксThermax Ltd is a company, providing a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors. It’s capitalisation is over $800 and growing.

The company’s Russian representative — Cold Energy llc. is actively engaged in offering solutions in absorption technology. We provide full range of services for cooling systems including supply, design, assembly and further maintenance of absorption chillers.