Core competencies

Cold Energy LLC is a Russian absorption cooling systems industry leader. We design, supply and provide service for absorption chillers.

Manufacturing companies, large shopping malls and family centers, construction and development companies are among our customers. Deep and consistent knowledge of technology and equipment specifics leads to our supreme competency and ability to meet all of our customers’ goals. We provide our customers not only with the equipment that meets their specific technical requirements but lets them achieve maximum productivity and energy efficiency.

After the equipment is installed and successfully launched, we also commit to full customer support. We provide the best vapor absorpbion machines’ service in Russia. Our customers can rely on our 24/7 hot line, remote equipment monitoring as well as ability of our engineers to come and remove any problems on site at any time.


Cooling system design

Our specialists can design various cooling system types. We provide documentation on «Design of mechanical cooling systems» and «Design of automation of cooling systems».

We cover all design stages:
— Feasibility study (FS)
— Technical-economical (analysis calculation)
— Draft design
— Design documentation
— Engineering documentation
— Field supervision

We develop projects for cooling systems that comply with all of the customer’s demands and fully ready for further implementation.


Vapour absorption machines and cooling towers supply

Cold Energy LLC operates in the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. We offer VAMs of any type and cooling capacity. Also we can supply full range of cooling towers, which are a key element of modern and efficient cooling system.

We specialize in absorption chillers, cooling towers and other related technology solutions. During our work we have proved to be a reliable partner and leading expert in up-to-date energy efficient technologies

We have installed more than 40 vapor absorption machines. We are rightly proud of every completed project and do our best to become a symbol of quality and reliable partnership.


Installation and service

We provide the best service for Absorption chillers in Russia.

Our professional engineers provide for the cooling eqipment to be assembled, installed and launched, carry out maintenance and comprehensive technical support during further operation.

We can offer full range of services to launch and test your equipment. We can also train your staff for regular equipment maintenance. Cold Energy provides 5-year guarantee.

In case of breakdowns or other issues our service engineers are ready to arrive on site to determine and eliminate the problem. We also analyze the cause of the problem and take measures to prevent such cases in the future.

Also we can of install a remote monitoring performance system which helps to improve your chiller’s work. Special system alert signals are recived by our service engineers who promptly eliminate the problem.

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