Polief, SIBUR is a leading Russian plant for the production of copolyesters (TPA and PET) . Production of the plant is the raw material for plastic packaging, including for carbonated water, dairy products, juices, medicines, household chemicals, etc.

The absorption chiller is used in the cooling process in the production of terephthalic acid (TPA) for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) production.


Unique project of VAM application where absorbtion chiller is running on the exhaust gases from the gas turbine units (GTU) for cooling of air intake of gas tourbine. The project significantly improves operational efficiency and increases gas turbine power generation.


Reef Residence is a closed club residence in Sochi, created on the basis of an exclusive copyright solutions.

Reef Residence presents apartments ranging from 80 to 800 m². They are located in a 10-storey building, on first sea line of Sochi.


90 km away from Moscow, in the center of Obninsk city is located the first regional shopping and entertainment and business complex «Triumph Plaza».

The total area is 55,480 sq. m. The building consists of a 3-level shopping mall and entertainment complex (44,361 sq. m.) and 7-tiered business center (11 119 sq. m.)


Three Thermax hot water VAM with overall cooling capacity of 6 MW are used in the central cooling system of a building.

These are the first Thermax absorption chillers, installed in Russia. Since 2006, the chillers are working succesfully.

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